Welcome to Belarus!

The Republic of Belarus is an economically developed with a significant proportion of science-based and high-tech industries. The country takes the strongest positions in such traditional and innovative industries like petrochemistry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electronics, optics, information technology and others.

The openness of national economy, its focus on foreign markets, the availability of free economic zones, offering favorable business conditions contribute to the investment attractiveness of the country.

Belarus is situated at the crossroads of major railways and highways, communication systems, gas and oil pipelines, water and air routes between the industrialized Western Europe and rich in natural resources Asia that makes Belarus an important transportation and communication center.

Architectural appearance of Belarus is rich enough – cultures of East and West are closely interwined. Five historical sites located on the territory of the country are included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Nature has generously endowed the Belarusian territory. There are numerous national parks, nature reserves, landscape and biological reserves.

Modern cultural life is represented by a number of art exhibitions, music and theater and cinematographic festivals.

Come and discover your Belarus