About the National Committee

About the Belarus National Committee in IEC

Each country is represented in the IEC by its National Committee (NC).

The NC coordinates national interests in the field of electricity, electronics and related technologies — collectively known as «electrotechnology» - by representation of local industry, governmental organisations, scientific community, trade associations, end consumers and national standards developers within the IEC.

Each country is responsible for organisation of the work and structure of its NC. When becoming a member of the IEC, each NC agrees to ensure a balanced representation of all private and public interests of its country in the field of electrotechnology.

The State Committee for Standardisation of the Republic of Belarus (Gosstandart of the Republic of Belarus) is the Belarus National Committee in IEC (the Belarus NC in IEC). The Chairman of the Gosstandart of the Republic of Belarus is the Chairman of the Belarus NC . A part of its duties related to organisation and performance of work and decisions implementation may be transferred by the NC to its management bodies. One of these management bodies is the Secretariat of the Belarus NC in IEC (BELLIS OJSC). The Director of BELLIS OJSC is the Secretary of the Belarus NC in IEC.

The Belarus NC in IEC is a full member of the IEC, i.e. it enjoys full rights associated with participation in all areas of IEC activities and technical work, it has the right to vote, the right to participate in the work of any technical committee (TC), at its option, as a participating member (P-member) or observe member (О-member), it has full access to all international standards and documents of the IEC.

The Belarus NC in IEC is responsible for development and implementation of the strategic policy of the Republic of Belarus in the field of international, interstate (regional) and national standardisation, in the first place through participation in the activity of the IEC supreme bodies. National Committees of all countries form the IEC Council — the supreme governing body of the IEC. Annual meetings of the Council are held during annual General Meetings.

Active work of the Belarus NC in IEC in the field of standardisation and conformity assessment within IEC enables Belarusian industry to reduce time required to obtain information about up-to-date specifications for access of products to global markets and increase competitive advantages, as well as to have a possibility to impact the contents of developed international standards. Taking active part in the work of TCs, the Belarus NC in IEC may confident that the interests of Belarus were and will be taken into account.

According to the global practice, all IEC National Committees are non-governmental organisations. The National Committee of Belarus is also created in the form of a non-commercial non-governmental organisation institutionally based on technical committees (sub-committees in the areas of IEC activity), thus enabling involvement of all interested parties (state administration bodies, industrial enterprises, enterprises of the non-governmental sector of the economy, the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, educational institutions, certification bodies, accredited testing laboratories, trade enterprises, non-governmental organisations), as well as technical experts of all levels.

Technical committees (sub-committees) are subordinated to the Belarus NC in IEC which is a superior organisation to such committees.

Work of the IEC National Committee of Belarus contributes to cooperation in all issues of standardisation and related fields, enabling increase the level of competence and awareness of the engineering staff, business circles and civil society in the standardisation issues and allowing conduct of a single and effective national scientific and technical policy in all areas of the IEC activity with utilisation of up-to-date scientific and technical achievements and experience in the field of standardisation and related fields of activity.