Message from the president of the IEC

IEC work continues to grow in importance. Today, electricity underlies everything, from devices and components to systems such as homes, cities, transportation, lighting, modern manufacturing and more. To satisfy the growing need for sustainable energy by developed and developing economies, we will need to use electric power more intelligently: do more, and better, with less.

Smarter use of energy, like so many things today, requires systems thinking. However, smart doesn’t necessarily imply that everything has to be large scale or grid-connected. For example, in some cases rural electrification or a microgrid can be a smarter way to securing continuous energy access. One size-fits-all is clearly no longer the way forward.

One thing of increasing importance is the necessity to collaborate. With technology integration more companies and organizations than ever before have to be able to cooperate to deliver smarter solutions to the increasingly complex systems that are now needed. The IEC puts at their disposal its neutral and independent platform through which they can jointly develop all relevant Standards.

In this context I draw your attention to the series of White Papers published by the MSB that points the way forward in the smarter, more sustainable generation and use of energy.

With that, I look forward to welcoming you all in Minsk.

Dr Junji Nomura, IEC President